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An independent review from a real user who found his love on Elena’s Models website.

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EDIT : the Elena Model’s Website has been completely revamped as of June 2014.  It’s mostly a question of design as the main features of the website have not been changed as far as I can see. I will write a new post about this in the coming days, I was not in the position to do it earlier due to my new duties :). Stay in touch ! It’s mostly a series of cosmetic changes, and since I was so used to the previous version I find it a bit less convenient to use, but again I’m an old timer. I suppose newcomers will prefer this new version. It’s like Word or Excel, I still prefer the 2008 version !! 


Elena's Models Home
The homepage of Elena’s Models website, when you are not connected

Among all dating websites for Russian girls, Elena’s Models has gained a reputation. It’s arguably one of the best sites, if not the best. Well, in fact it is the best. I have been using the site for quite a long time, because I’m very picky and I wanted to marry only the best girl for me. Trust me,  I appreciate all the features of Elena’s Models website, and this is how I found my love. Oh, by the way, at some point I was in touch with the girl circled in pink on the thumbnail above. It did not work but she was sweet. I’m glad she’s on the website’s covers, proves that I have good taste !

On my website, I aim to share my experience about dating Russian women, and how to use Elena’s Models website in the best possible manner. Remember, always be respectful and nice : online dating is not a game. On Elena’s Models you are very likely to find the woman of your dream – this is what happened to me and to friends of mine whom I advised to use the site. If you are looking for a  beautiful, sexy and smart bride from Russia or Ukraine, you do not need another site or membership.  I’m not saying it’s the best solution : it’s the only one. I am not saying it’s going to be easy, either : you will have to refine your profile and find ways to attract the woman you deserve. I  will help you with that in future posts by explaining how to write the best profile, how to respond to ladies, etc.

Meanwhile please note that the links on this site are affiliate links, it means that if you subscribe to Elena’s Models through this site, I will get a small fraction of what you paid. I’m taking advantage of this in order to pay for server and domain name costs.  But my review is 100% real and not related to the fact that I put those affiliate links. Apart from using this affiliate system (which did not bring in 1$ by the way, as of today-July 2014- come on chaps  subscribe ! just kidding ;)) I have NO RELATION with Elena’s Models, I do not know them and I have no particular interest in their success. I’m not a professional affiliate person, or online marketing expert.

I want to help you find a woman, and I sincerely believe this site is the best out there, as my own experience proves it. After all, I will soon have a I recently became the proud father of a daughter because of Elena’s Model  - yes, my lovely Russian wife is pregnant gave birth.  You can be happy, too, Although I wish she could sleep at night. My daugher, of course. So, unlike me just don’t lose time like I did by going on other sites full of spam and scam.

 Oh, and if you have any questions, there’s a page for that- all comments are moderated and I read them so I’ll be happy to help. For those of you who are browsing on a mobile or tablet, I have noticed that the blog pages are located at the bottom of the page, so scroll down to see all the content!

 Happy reading – Marc

Edit – July 2014 – As I was browsing the site (the new version) I noticed this offer below, which I think is valuable. You have to register for free to have access to it. I don’t know how long it will last.


Check these other posts:

Real Russian or Ukrainian Women

20140722ScreenCapture#1118-'www_elenasmodels_com_Member_UserDashboard'-www_elenasmodels_com_Member_UserDashboardFirst, on Elena’s Models women are real.  They are from Russia, Ukraine, but also other countries such as Moldova, Poland, Romania, Georgia etc. There are thousands of women on the site so occasionnally there will be a scammer who will try to get your money, but this is very rare (and I will explain to you how to recognize them).

On Elena’s Models, scammers are so rare that it’s not a problem, really. The admin team does probably a good job sorting out girls before they profiles are published – I don’t know how they do it, but it works. (Edit : July 2014 ; I asked a female I know (other than my wife) who recenly subscribed to the site. It appears that they always call the woman to see if she’s real. It’s not the best system, because scammers could always pass that easily with a friend’s phone number, but it’s less easy than just subscribing like other sites do. They check the phone number, plus if they hear a male voice I suppose they know what to do)  Kudos to them because scammer are artists, it is well known.

I would say there’s less than 5% of scammers on the site, probably around 1 to 2 %. On other sites, there is probably something like 70 to 80% scammers, and on some sites all profiles are fake ! So by using Elena’s Models website, you are going to lose less time : if you are like me, exchanging emails with some moustache wearing computer nerd in Lugansk, Ukraine who pretends to be a sexy 29 years old blonde, is not your cup of tea.

A large choice of women

www_elenasmodels_com_Home_SearchResult__FromAge=18&ToAge=35&Gender=1&SerachByID=Search by Profile IDThere are litteraly thousands of girls on the site. You could spend your whole day browsing through profiles, and you would still find someone even better, or different, from the previous girls you found. It could seem too much, but it is not, because you can sort girls using the last login time : this simple feature may return 200 profiles, but you need to pay attention only to those logged in during the past 2 or 3 days. These are the ones who are still actively looking.

Mostly Educated Women

Many educated womenMost women on Elena’s Models website are educated. They come from every background, but generally they are from middle income families and they have a university diploma. Some of them did not go to the university, but it does not mean they are stupid (I remember fondly a hairdresser extraordinaire who decided to go back to school at the ripe age of 26. God, was she stunning). You will not find any bad or stupid person on the site. Of course some women will be very different from what you like, and that’s good: they are better for another man.  You have to be clear in your mind about what you like and what you dislike. And if you prefer a woman who wants to stay at home and raise the kids, Elena’s Models has that, too. The girl in the picture above is a profile I clicked on a random. She is 31, she is an engineer and works as junior commercial director in Moscow. If you look closely at the screengrab you will notice that she writes “Ingeeniring”. Bad english spelling or grammar or pronunciation is not a sign that the girl is uneducated, it’s quite common in Russia or Ukraine because the best teachers are American or English people, and they are rare and certainly don’t work in public universities. Therefore many Russian, even young people, carry on the mistakes of their teachers. The one that irritates me the most ? When they say “Gospital” instead of Hospital. They just don’t get it.  No bih deal, rihgt?

New Russian or Ukrainian Women Every Week

Elena Models New This Week Ladies from RussiaIf you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t despair. New women are subscribing every week. It’s not a bad idea to login regularly and check who is new : you can be the first to message them ! That being said, I would be surprised if you find nobody from the existing profiles. Why does Elena’s Model website have more new profiles each week than any other russian dating website ? The answer is simple : they have gained good reputation in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and neighbouring countries. Girls who find a husband on these site, have friends who, often, envy them. In turn, they advise them to subscribe to Elena’s Models website. My wife did it with some of her friends. That word-of-mouth system is the main reason.

elenamodelsnewthisweekIn the screenshot above you can see pictures of new ladies. One nice thing to have is that, when you move your mouse over an image, there is a summary of the girl, particularly the age range she’s interested in. I find this function quite useful because that way you don’t have to click for a profile which is obviously out of your league. Don’t forget that women between 28 to 36 receive A LOT of messages from men over 50 ! It can be okay if the man is in very good shape and young looking but if you have a beer belly and you look every bit your age PLUS the girl mentioned an age range way lower than yours, please don’t bother. If you are 50 and she writes “max age range 48″ it could be OK and I advise you try your chance, but if she wrote “max age range 35″ then just let go and find another one.  In the image here, Irina is 26 bit she’s looking for someone at least 9 years older than her so it makes sense that she could accept someone older than than. Again, you have to be in good health !

A second reason is that the Elenas Models website is well know in russian forums and message boards, and if you search “dating agency”  with some added words such as “foreign” on Yandex, the number 1 search engine in Russia, you are likely to see Elena’s Models among the first results. They have the best reputation.

A great search tool to find your date

It seems pretty obvious. There are litteraly thousands of russian girls on the Elena’s Models website.  So you need to define exactly what you want. You can choose anything, from age to height to weight, eyes color,  with or without children, languages spoken etc. Below is the main search area.

basic requirements

Then you can add some details should you have a preference for hair colcharacteristicsor, eyes colors etc. Then you have Marital Status :
Never Married, Divorced, Widowed, Married or Separated . And an important one :
Has Children Yes/No. You can look for people who want children, who are not sure or who think it’s a decision taken by the couple (pretty rare if you ask me). Then, there’s a search criteria for languages and another for education and profession. Then it’s not completely idiotic to try and find someone who is looking for a man just like you.  For instance, age range : one thing that irritates women the most is when men over the maximum age range still write the girl. Well, sometimes it works but you have to be quite good looking.



One of my favourite features is the ability to search by keyword, a la Google. Let’s say you want to find a lawyer who likes flowers : just type “lawyer” and “flowers” and you’ll get at least a dozen profiles. I used this feature when I searched for doctors, for instance, because I assumed they would be smarter than your average Jane. (Not sure I was right on that one but that’s another story).

Don’t be too restrictive though, or you would get very few results. I will write a post about how to search properly, but let me tell you that this is a decisive tool in Elena’s Models website arsenal.

You can also use the predefined searches, by country, by age range or by job. That can be interesting to “spice up” your search a little bit, and let you search across ranges that you would not have thought about.

You can see who viewed you

whoviewedIt does not guarantee anything, but if a woman has clicked on your photo it means the possibility she finds you attractive is higher than if she did not click. Kind of obvious, I know. So that’s a good little thing to have.

Note that sometimes a person will check your profile but they won’t contact you – it does not mean that they are not interested. Russian women, as well as Ukrainian, like when men contact them first, they like to be courted). The problem in that feature is that it is sometimes hard to understand how it is presented: does it display the person by last view order (ie you see on top of the list the last girl who checked you out) or something else ? Sometimes I got perplexed, because a woman who has blocked me would appear on that list 2 or 3 times in a row, which makes little sense. One may click by mistake but I would be surprised if she disliked me and still wanted to see my handsome face. So I would appreciate a little more clarity there: if Elena Models could just display the date and time when the woman viewed me, it would be helpful !

The system of EOI works well !

Please note that the screegrabs in this section date from the previous version of the site.

Since I’m no longer a subcriber and have no intention to subscribe again (my lovely Russian wife would be very surprised wouldn’t she) I am keeping these screengrabs. The interface has changed a lot but the underlying system works in the same way, from what I have been told. It would be lovely if a registered user could send me two or three screengrabs of this function.

Elena Models, expression of interest

EOIs, or expression of interests, works pretty well. You can browse through dozens of girls and quickly contact them. If they like you, they contact you back and you take it from there.

It’s easy, fast, and efficient. On the first image above you can see that Julija, a delicious girl, received my EOI, replied and we started messaging each other.  My second EOI was rejected by Olga, but it does not matter much : there are many fish in the pond !


Efficient messaging system to get in touch with your girl


This looks like something easy, but on some websites the messaging system is subpar. On Elena’s Models, it works and does what it is supposed to. You send a message, the girl will receive it, and you know if she has read it or not.


emailingThat being said, remember to save
your preferred correspondance : the system will delete emails after a certain period of time. It’s a good idea to print out the messages before, particularly when they contain phone numbers, email addresses or similar important information.

Pricing is quite OK

Apart from the free membership, which will allow you to see the main image and description of girls, there’s basically two plans : Gold and Platinum. The longer the duration, the cheaper (per month) it is. At the time of this writing, the 6-months Gold is $ 149.95 and allows you to contact 50 girls, which is not bad at all : it means an average of 2 girls per week with whom you can exchange a few messages to see how nice they are.


Note that the price below are current as of July 2014, I will probably not update this page very often so check for yourself on the website !


My experience shows that you may want to opt for the Platinum plan ($ 259 for 3 months) because it allows you to contact as many girls as you wish.  In my case, I was sometimes not very busy with my job so I could talk with as much as 10 girls in one week. There is also the 6 months Platinum plan. It costs $ 499 but unless you are extremely lucky and very attractive, it will take you more than a few days to find the girl of your dreams. 500 bucks is relatively cheap, because if you marry a russian woman and spend 20 years with her, or 240 months, it means you will have spent $2 per month to be happy ;) Recently, they have added the one-year platinum which is priced at $699. It’s cheaper than paying two times the 6-month (if you need to renew after 6 month it would cost you $998) which means you pay only 200 bucks to  get 6 months more. I would probably take that because I’m patient and it took me some time to find my woman. But if you are fast, I guess 6 months is the way to go.
There is also a new plan called “Ultimate”. It’s basically the same as Platinum, but there is “10 profile verification”. Wait a minute, does it mean that the other profiles are not verified ? I don’t think so. They probably do something more. I’m not sure exactly what so I can’t really comment on that.

Other advantages

Translation to/from Russian

My choice was always to prefer girls who would speak a least some basic english. Perhaps it was a mistake, because once I made an exception and I was messaging with an adorable girl named Inessa – she was unbelievably beautiful and kind. But it turned out correspondance with Google Translate is a bit weird, you cannot really express yourself because the translation is so bad. If you want to see what I mean, take any website in Russian and translate it into English: the result is, basically, garbage. Well, Elena’s Models offers a translation service with two levels of quality : basic, which costs $5 for 1000 characters, and “creative” which costs $10. I have not used this translation service myself, but one of my friend has, and he tells me that the exchanges were quite good.

Payment Security

Not only I have never been charged twice, but the name of transaction on the bank statement is not related to Elena Models. It is something like “clickbank sarl” or similar – sorry I don’t remember exactly. What I remember is, when I started using the website I was in the middle of a difficult divorce and my then wife was using everything she could against me. I did not trust, at the time, Elena Models more than any other site, so I also subscribed to another site. The bank statement showed, for that other site, the name of the site which was very clear. So my wife used that against me during the divorce procedure. I know this does not apply to you probably, but I would have largely preferred to avoid this kind of problem ! Elena’s Model have a customer centric approach, which makes them think about every detail.

Useful information about dating Russian or Ukrainian girls

There’s a ton of useful information on the website. Not only advices about contacting women, and making those messages a success, but also various elements about marrying a person from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and other countries. There are different lifestyles, different ways of seeing things, and the Elenas Models site addresses all the concerns you may have in a very clear manner. I have been there, done that, and in retrospect I can say that 100% of the advice they give is good and useful. I will also write my own here, because it’s my point of view and it adds a bit to the story, but these guys can be trusted and in the dating industry it’s all that matters.

So that’s the pros, but what are the cons ?

No review would be complete without covering the disadvantages of a solution, and this applies to Elena’s Model website. It is not a perfect website.

First, one thing which is not really bad in my opinion : the lack of a chat system. Other websites will give you this feature. I personally don’t like it because it’s quite annoying, and from the experience I had on another website, Russian Cupid, it’s also annoying for women (at least when they are real, because like I said already I talked mostly with scammers on the Russian Cupid website – I just lost my time there).

Another problem is the fact that you are restricted to 50 contacts, if you are a gold member. It may seem not enough, but in fact you will have to be more careful about who you contact, and I believe that’s a good choice. Without this rule, it’s tempting to write emails to a hundred or more women, but this is counterproductive. First, because there is no effort involved. On Elena’s Models, women know that you are in fact spending something to message them. With other systems, the messages are worth nothing.  The second reason is that chat systems don’t work very well. Not everyone is Facebook or Google or Skype. To  have a good, secure and performing chat system requires more resources that an dating website has.

One other issue, is that the system does not keep the emails for a long time. I suppose they have too many users and need to clean up the servers regularly (you can attach images or other elements to each message). However, once you realize this, you get the habit to save any meaningful correspondence. Besides they only delete messages older than 3 months if I’m correct

However regarding emails there’s something which can be annoying: if you are talking with a person, and she thinks you are good for her, or she’s going on vacation or whatever reason, and she decides to switch off her profile, then all emails from her will be hidden as well. Of course they reappear when the profile is reactivated, but if you did not keep her phone number or address elsewhere, or if there was important information in the messages, you won’t have it anymore unless you saved it somewhere else. Note that, if you are talking to more than one girl (as is usually the case) it’s always a good idea to save her profile in a special folder on your computer, because if she switches of her profile you will have a hard time remembering who is who. There are many Elenas and Olgas, and many cities in Ukraine :) So, save your contacts,  and save any meaningful message you have received. I wish there was some kind of “star this profile” and “star this message” feature so that the starred elements would get saved in a sort of folder or wallet, so that even if the person logs out/hides her profile, you can still have access to the information. But that’s not a big deal because you can always save it somewhere else, or take screengrabs. Just remember to do it !


Conclusion of my review of Elena’s Models website

So, if you want a happy relationship with a beautiful and sexy girl, look no further. Like me and hundreds of other guys, open a free account at Elena’s Models website and start searching for your love !

If you have any comments, they are welcome. Please refrain from posting any link to another website, I did not write all this to allow some spammers do some publicity for their business. All comments are to be approved before publication, so if your comment is not related to Elena’s Models or to share your own story about Russian Girls, please refrain from commenting. 





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Feb 04, 2014 by FatRookie

Thanks for this interesting and educational review. Any other website you guys would recommend ?

Response: You might want to look at the Links page


Jan 31, 2014 by Domenic

Nice website but your posts are too long,. You should include a price comparison.

Response: Price comparison with what ?

Elena's Models Review Paris , France 4.5 5.0 2 2 Thanks for this interesting and educational review. Any other website you guys would recommend ?

10 thoughts on “Elena’s Models Dating Website Review”

    1. Thank you. I prefer not to put my family’s pictures here, sorry. Look at the best girls on Elena’s Models, she’s looking just like that :)

  1. Marc, I need your help please!
    I have had any problem with ElenasModels until the latest update. They left the new letters at last, I complaint about this through the help desk, since then I can not enter the site, it shows the text “You have no permission to login. Please contact admin”. I have called the phone numbers in California at office hours and no answer.
    How can I contact someone who can help me, I have not been able to enter the site since the beginning of this month (June 2014)

    1. Hi
      Sorry for my late response ! I have been very busy and not sleeping much, my newborn daughter is charming but for some reason she decided to wake us up every night, three times at least otherwise it would not be fun. Therefore I tend to be a bit too tired to do anything other than work… And this website is just a help I give to other men who, like me, want to have success in meeting a woman from Russia or Ukraine.
      I’m going to have a look, at the moment I cannot log onto the system myself because I have forgotten my password ! So let me retrieve a new password and I’ll see what I can do to help.
      I experienced the same problem. I think it has to do with the new password policy. My old password was short, 4 letters or maybe 5, and now they require a more robust password. The problem I have is that the links to renew the passwords did not seem to work ! I was unable to get a message, but I have changed my email settings so it could be that as well. I have sent a request to support and they have still not responded. I understand it must be very frustrating for you ! I tried to register a new profile with an email address I had already used in the past, to create a profile, and I could do it using the one-month free tryout system. It means their new website is not completely free of bugs. To be honest I prefer the old version but like I said it’s also a matter of taste, a buddy of mine who just left my flat told me he likes it. So, your hope would be to email support, or to try again to call, but I suspect they have many support requests and things to deal with, because I see they just changed the servers yesterday.. Therefore I think we can expect return to normal service pretty soon. Let me know how it goes for you.

  2. My user ID (edited by admin) Why can’t I send EOI ? I am using second computer and still have this problem.
    I need to send EOI to:
    Elena E2147485298
    Mila E89979472
    Natali E2147485292
    Please fix this problem or I want my money back
    P.S. Can’e even properly comunicate from my computers. Complete service is frozen

    1. Hi Val
      Sorry to hear about your problems. First of all, it’s not a good idea to post your profile ID here. This site is a personal site and it is not related in any way to Elena’s Models. If you have read the articles, you know that I am myself an user and this is how I found my wife, and so I decided to share my experience after various encounters with charming ladies. I can try to help, but I’m not a support service for Elena Models so asking for a refund here will not give you any results !
      That being said, you seem to have connection problems. You say the service is frozen. I have not logged yet, so I will come back in a few to confirm my impressions about the problem you describe and whether it is frozen or not.

      Edit – Val, I checked, I had some difficulties connection myself but I’m unsure why. I subscribed to the affiliate system when I launched this website so maybe I made a mistake since I used the same email and maybe they deleted my profile. I have tried the recovery password technique but I never got the email. That’s one thing which I don’t like with the new version, their emails don’t seem to go through. Or maybe it’s me, I’m not sure. That being said I have created another profile (which is not approved as I’m writing this) and from what I see it does not differ at all from the previous version in terms of features (except the blog thing that I don’t find particularly interesting, and the video and chat, well why not for a first contact but then there’s skype. I have no idea why you can’t message these ladies. You could try opening a new account if you can’t log in, and send a request to support.

  3. Hi Marc

    Hope your doing great can you please tell me is www. single- Baltic- lady.com is genuine like Elena’s model or that’s a scam website .

    1. Hi Faddy
      I have used that site in the past, long ago. While it is not 100% a scam website, I have to say its quality is very low. I had a paid account and I received tons of messages from very beautiful girls much younger than me who expressed their interest in me. In fact, I have a folder in my gmail inbox created uniquely for scammers from that site.
      my mailbox needed a folder specific for scammers
      There are some real people there, and I actually did meet one girl. It was a one night stand. So the site cost me money, a lot of time because whatever you do, you need time to sort out scammers from real people as they are increasingly smarter, and you end up just dreaming that you have met the perfect woman while it’s in fact probably some guy behind a computer in Lugansk or Donetsk. It’s basically a loss of time. I should add that this is only a version, the same website is replicated under different names but it’s always the same presentation. I can’t remember now, but if you do an image search for a girl you will see many copies elsewhere. Piece of crap. For me there are only two websites worthy of interest : elena models, and, perhaps, russian cupid which has a lot of scammers as well but also some genuine users. A much greater risk of losing time if you ask me, but I’ve met 2 girls there and they were real. However it does not compare to Elena’s Models who, even if they have a rather unresponsive support these days, at least do a very good job in fighting scammers !
      I should add that single baltic ladies registers your email to other scammer profiles, so you end up receiving tons of unwanted messages from fake ladies.
      Good luck

    1. Hi Salvador
      This guy seems to know better than myself about the company behind the website. I knew it was from Australia but that’s all. Moving a company to HongKong could be for tax optimization, it does not necesarily means that there are new owners. I will try to get more info about that.
      Recently, they have completely revamped the website. My idea is that I preferred the older version, because I was used to it probably, but the new version certainly looks more modern.
      Like the author of this post, my email requests to support went unanswered, but it could be due to the fact that I’m no longer a paid member. It would be logical that support requests from free member are treated after the paying customers requests.
      There has been a few complaints on my blog about the website, as you can see in the comments, but I have not seen or received other complaints. So I cannot write “NUMEROUS” complaints. The complaints are mostly about technical problems with the site, such as impossibility to login or problems with sending EOI. No one has reported anything about credit card overcharges or unauthorized charges.
      I have logged on the site yesterday and the day before, and I went through the profiles of new ladies. I cannot say for sure but I have not seen any particularly suspicious profile from scammers. I’m quite experienced in this and I can smell a scammer from far ! So in that regard nothing special. I will check again today and report.
      What I did notice is that there are many more typos in the support system. The people behind seem to be in a hurry because you can see many mispelled words, but mostly because of inverted letters which could mean that the person is having too much on their plate.
      So, while the post you quote is raising important questions, I would not take it as 100% true without further verification.
      The website he recommends is Russian Cupid. I have used it in the past as I described already in other posts. Technically it’s a good website and I met real girls there, but the amount of scammers is overwhelming, it’s probably more than half of the profiles. Of course they are taken down, of course at some point you realize that it’s a scammer, but frankly for me Russian Cupid was a loss of time. I logged recently and it has not changed apart from a few minor improvements. So, if you have time to lose it’s a good site. I don’t think it’s better than Elena Models. But stay tuned. I will look into it and report what I find.

      [EDIT]So I looked at the page http://www.elenasmodels.com/Home/TermsOfUse. It states that the website is owned by the company in Hong Kong but is still operated in Australia. (by the way there’s even a typo in the address, they write “71 des Vouex Rd” when in fact it’s “des Voeux Rd”. Voeux is a French word which is why I immediately spotted this. Looking at the address on any Hong Kong directory reports that at suite 505 there is a company called “China Tax & Investment Consultants Ltd”. You can see the website at http://www.china-tax.net. So my hypothesis could be right : the owner of the website have tried to optimize their taxes but otherwise everything remains the same. LinkedIn still displays a guy in Australia as the manager of the company EM Online Pty Ltd.

      In my opinion, they wanted to boost their sales, and they decided to completely change the website by changing the design and the technology behind it. I have no idea if they hired someone for that, or if they used the services of another company, but given all the problems with the website recently it is clear that the development of the website was not as good as expected. There were numerous bugs and technical glitches which could explain many problems. It seems logical that, under these circumstances, the support system would get overloaded, and that would explain the lack of response, and the typos such as “WEBISTE COMPATABILITY” (Instead of “Website Compatibility”) a message that was sent a couple days ago to all users, suggesting “Better Accessibility to Elena’s Website 1)Please use latest browser version to get better access to our website. Minimum browser version to be used for our website are IE 11, Chrome 35.0.19 and Firefox 30.0 etc. 2) Always enable cookies in your browser to have good accessibility of website . Specially the chat tool. 3) To make all the functionalities workable disable the extra extensions in your browser settings , especially in chrome and firefox 4) Always ensure you are not accessing the website while your browser update is executing or is in progress.” It seems to me that these texts are written by the developer, because when you look at the HTML code of the page you see that the code is commented in plain english, but with exactly the same kind of bad spelling and/or grammar, such as “sets the cursor apperance”. That would be typical of a coder from a non-english speaking country, such as Russia, Ukraine or India. I think Elena Models have hired the wrong guy for revamping the site, and have not properly dimensioned the support to adapt and respond to any disruption. But the conclusion that the website is Chinese and full of spammers seems really far fetched to me.
      I just spent some time browsing through the new profiles on the site. I did not see anyone that looked like a spammer. One girl, perhaps, who is 18 and claims to be looking for someone up to 35, but she could be real because that age range is not overstretched.

      What I can tell you is that I have contacted the support once, because I have received an email telling me that the agreement between affiliates and the website has changed, and apparently it’s not authorized to use the words Elena Models in the URL of the website. Given the URL of my blog it seems that it is conflicting with that rule; I have written then an email, 12 days ago, asking for clarification but have not received any reply yet. But that’s an affiliate problem, and it does not say anything about the rest.

      So, for the moment I have to disagree with the distinguished gentleman who posted the negative review about Elena Models.. In fact, it could even possible that he is not happy with the changes in the affiliate contract, because it’s quite possible that he operates his site for money. I have no idea if it works for him, as for me I can tell you it does not work at all because even if there have been sales to people coming from my blog, I have not received one cent to date. I’m still doing it because I’m happy with my wife and little princess and I say what I want. If Elena Models don’t want me as an affiliate, no biggie, I will still operate the site and pay with my own pocket for the hosting, which is less than a hundred bucks per year.

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